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SYNC Connect

FordPass Mobile App

With a SYNC Connect-equipped vehicle, you can use the FordPass App to access advanced remote features, like turning your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot, or remotely starting your vehicle.
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How to activate SYNC Connect powered by FordPass

Turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot
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If you have a 2018 or newer SYNC Connect-equipped vehicle you may be able to use your modem to create a hotspot for up to 10 Wi-Fi capable devices so you and your passengers can stay connected wherever you roam. Enjoy surfing the web, streaming music and more. Learn how to turn your vehicle into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot.

Know what that warning light on your dashboard means and be empowered to take action.
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You can receive Vehicle Health Alerts directly on your phone. Whether your engine temperature is skyrocketing while a family member is out driving your vehicle or you are too busy running around and can’t recall if it’s time for an oil change, FordPass will alert you to concerns with your vehicle. You will even be told the severity of the issue along with the steps to resolve it. FordPass will provide access to Roadside Assistance or online appointment scheduling with your preferred dealer, making it easy to take action and have peace of mind.

Locate your Vehicle
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When you leave the mall, you can use FordPass to guide you to your parked vehicle. The Vehicle Locator feature saves the location of your parked vehicle with an on-board GPS. The vehicle location is automatically saved when you turn off your vehicle.

Additional Features

Lock and unlock your vehicle’s doors

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No need to hurry back to your vehicle, you can lock or unlock the doors from just about anywhere.

Remotely start your vehicle and climate control system

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With the press of a button on your phone, you can start your vehicle. And, if you select Auto or Last Setting, you can set your vehicle at the same temperature and fan speed you previously selected. If it’s snowing outside, your vehicle can be nice and toasty; and if it’s a scorcher, it can be nice and cool.

Set up a remote start calendar

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Whether you leave for work at the same time every day - or only on Tuesdays and Thursdays - just schedule a remote start for specific times and days of the week.

Check the current status of your vehicle

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If you’re wondering whether you have enough fuel to get to your appointment, you can check your fuel level in FordPass. You can also check approximate mileage and miles until your next service is needed.

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*A SYNC Connect-equipped vehicle with FordPass, must first be activated to access the aforementioned remote features. Learn how to activate SYNC Connect powered by FordPass.